Continuous Mesh Belt Conveyor Manufacturers in Malaysia

Continuous Mesh Belt Conveyor

JR FURANCE offers Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnaces which will be used for Continuous Copper Brazing, Silver Brazing and Annealing up to 1150°C If you produce light or medium weight parts where low cost, high volume production is required; JR FURNACE Mesh belt conveyor furnace will process your work efficiently and economically, typically free of oxidation and discoloration with less scale than other processes.

The furnace is particularly well suited to continuous production line operations accepting parts ready for heat processing and discharging them ready for assembly or packaging. Because the furnace can be utilized for many heat processes, it is widely applied for parts or assemblies used in volume production industries such as automotive, home appliance, electronics, aircraft and hardware.

Annealing in a protective atmosphere can cut cost and improve quality by eliminating or minimizing subsequent cleaning operations. The annealing process can be used as a cleaning operation before further processing. Parts or assemblies can be brought out of the furnace hot enough to form a light and tight protective bluing on the product.