Bell Furnace Manufacturers in Jamshedpur

Bell Furnace

Bell Furnaces give you flexible, productive execution in an assortment of heat treating applications. The quick heating rate, substantial burden limit, and solid activity assist you with accomplishing quick turnaround and high profitability. The furnace is exceptionally basic and affordable to work, and is accessible in a wide scope of sizes.

Bell Furnace Manufacturers in Dubai


The applications go up to 1250°C, with endothermic, exothermic, or nitrogen environments. This furnace empowers you to deal with different heat treatment applications proficiently and financially. This Furnace is contrast from transport oven type heater. Bell Furnaces is vertical lifting and bringing down sort with great sealing. Lifting and Lowering is by electro mechanical system with Gear engine and offset system.

Specification Of Bell Furnace:

Bell furnace are utilized in iron and steel industry: steel wire brilliant annealing , spheroid annealing of low-combination wire curl, steel strip annealing , spheroid and splendid annealing of medium/low high-carbon steel, hardened steel, chromium, chromium-nickel steel, unique compounds of nickel, iron and chromium, heat treatment of metal balls, standardization, tempering.

Features Of Bell Furnace:

  • SCR power control
  • Simple stacking chamber
  • Low watt-thickness