Furnaces and it's Accessories

SS & Inconel Muffle

We design and fabricate SS & Inconel muffle which is used for the powder metallurgy industry. The built in alloy has high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperature oxidation. Our expertise in the fabrication technique ensures that it is manufactured with high quality and meets the application requirements. Our muffles are compatible with temperature, controlled atmosphere and product requirements. As per the customer requirement, we suggest material, profile and corrugation.


Quenching Tank

Heating Elements

Charging Machine

Control Panel


In order to meet your requirements for process measurement & control, we provide you our range of thermocouple and temperature sensors. All types of Thermocouples and RTDs are available calibrated in standard types, various specifications, colour codes and lengths. We bring you its highly efficient range of calibrated thermocouples and RTDs. It is best suitable for various industrial applications where process measurement and control is an essential function. Rigid and flexible thermocouples are available with metal and ceramic sheathing as well as seamless metal sheathed mineral insulated thermocouples and can be selected based on application