Chamber Furnace Manufacturers in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Chamber Furnace

JR FURNACE has built a large number of fuel fired and electrically heated Chamber furnaces for reheating and heat treatment applications in past two decades. JR FURNACE has a full range of Chamber type Reheating and Heat Treatment Furnaces to offer to Steel Mills, Heavy Structurals, Forgings, Foundry Cast House, and other metal industries with temperature range of 200C to 1400C. These furnaces can be offered with vertical rise and fall type doors with an electro-mechanical drive system. The materials are loaded on the hearth of the chamber furnace with the help of a manipulator/robot or manually with tongs depending on the size and weight of the material. After reheating/heat treatment operation, the material can be unloaded with the help of above machines. Chamber type furnaces can also be offered with grooved hearth construction suitable for loading/unloading of material with the help of fork type hydraulically or electro-mechanically operated machines.

 Chamber Furnace Manufacturers in Dubai

The furnace can be provided with electrical heating through heat resistant Strip/Wire/rod type heating elements located along with the side/back walls/roof of the furnace. The heating elements of the furnace are suitably divided into a number of heating zones with each zone having their bank of heater. The heating elements of the furnace are suitably divided into a number of heating zones and can be controlled through Contactor or Thyristor based control philosophy through PID controllers.

JR FURNACE Chamber furnaces are lined with ceramic fibre modules/blankets or dense firebricks backed by insulation bricks on the side wall, roof and door and hearth of the furnace will be provided with combination of high/medium grade aluminium bricks backed-up by insulation bricks to minimize the skin temperature.